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Since my first trip to Australia, I fall in love to traveling. In Australia I bought my first camera and started to record each secondo of my trips. I've already lived in three countries (Australia, Brazil and Germany), each one with your peculiarity. Find out here a litle bit of each trip and destination.



My first time living abroad

Such a lovely place.

Nature, Peace and Love.

Cinque Terre


The advanced world

There is nothing better then learn a 4th language and also a new culture.

And even better living in such amazing country.


Euro Trip

Travel, travel and travel.

Big and small at the same time. Europe is a land that resumes a lot of cultures closed to each one. From the beaches to the historic part, everthing is wonderful.

About me

Get know a little bit of me.


Filipe Nogueira

Computer Engineer

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Swing by for a cup of coffee, or whatever.

Blumenau, SC, Brazil.